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des-1d12 dumps 2022

DES-1D12 is one of the most popular certifications for Dell!Lead4Pass many exam experts after a long time of hard work, today in January 2022 released the latest updated Dell DES-1D12 exam questions – Lead4Pass DES-1D12 dumps.
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DES-1D12 exam questions online exam practice


What is a consideration when sizing a Dell EMC SC Series system for capacity?

A. Read/Write ratio
C. Page size
D. RAID overhead



A storage administrator wants to do a tech refresh from a legacy EQL system to a new Dell EMC SC Series array. What
is needed to correctly size the new array?

A. Latency
B. Peak IOPS information
C. Storage tiers
D. Contract support end date



What is the purpose of the NVMe NVRAM drives in a Dell EMC PowerStore 9000 array?

A. Read cache and vaulting
B. Read cache and base OS
C. Write cache and base OS
D. Write cache and vaulting

Reference: https://www.delltechnologies.com/en-us/collaterals/unauth/white-papers/products/storage/h18149-dell-emcpowerstore-platform-introduction.pdf (12)



What component or feature is provided by both the Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T array and the Dell EMC Unity XT 380
Series array?

A. Container Integration
B. Configured Block with Hypervisor
C. Unified System
D. NVMe disks



Which NVMe SSDs are supported by Dell EMC PowerStore?

A. 960 GB, 1920 GB, 3840 GB, and 7680 GB
B. 3840 GB, 7680 GB, and 15360 GB only
C. 1920 GB, 3840 GB, and 7680 GB only
D. 1920 GB, 3840 GB, 7680 GB, and 15360 GB

Reference: https://www.architecting.it/blog/dellpowerstore/#:~:text=PowerStore%20will%20support%20NVMe%20SSDs,using%20mezzanine%20I%2FO%20cards



In Dell EMC PowerStore storage, if the remote cluster has multiple appliances, then what automatically chooses the
destination appliance for the resource?

A. Performance Policy
B. Resource Balancer
C. Master appliance
D. Source array



What storage resources are affected with a refresh option on a Dell EMC PowerStore array?

A. Thin clones and volumes only
B. Snapshots, thin clones, and volumes
C. Thin clones, volumes, and replicas
D. Thin clones and snapshots only



When sizing a Dell EMC Unity Hybrid array, what are considerations for growth?

A. Port utilization and load balancing
B. Cache utilization and hardware bottlenecks
C. Latency and queue depth
D. General capacity and active data



You are sizing a new Dell EMC SC Series array. Upon analyzing the Live Optics report, you find the current system has
a peak throughput of 4687 MB. What is the minimum number of 10Gb iSCSI front-end ports required to meet the
throughput needs?

A. 8
B. 10
C. 12
D. 16



You plan to schedule a Live Optics sampling with your customer to size a Dell EMC SC Series array. However, the
customer wants to postpone the run until the end of the quarter because there could be more activity on the current
storage system.
What course of action is recommended?

A. Wait until the end of the quarter and collect a week-long sampling
B. Take a single-day sampling on any given day because that is sufficient in most instances
C. Wait until the end of the quarter and collect a single-day sampling
D. Take a week-long sampling on any given week because that is sufficient in most instances



Recent legislation requires a government customer to enhance data security by utilizing D@RE with SED drivers and
use Level 3 certified security. Which KMS product should be recommended for use with Dell EMC SC Series arrays?

A. Dell EMC CloudLink
B. StorSecure StorMagic
C. Gemalto SafeNet K460
D. Thales Vormetric VTE

Reference: https://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_solutions_int/esuprt_solutions_int_solutions_resources/s-solution-resources_white-papers108_en-us.pdf (9)



What provides data analytics for Dell EMC Midrange storage?

A. eLab Advisor
B. Unisphere Central
D. CloudIQ

Reference: https://advance.biz-tech-insights.com/whitepaper/h15387-cloudiq-top-reasons.pdf

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