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[2018 Latest Exam Dumps] Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB2-717 Dumps Exam Practice Questions And Answers Update Youtube (Q1-Q20)

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  • May 14, 2020
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Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB2-717 Dumps Exam Practice Questions And Answers Update (Q1-Q20)

An organization uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track Opportunities and Competitors.
They want to make sure that a competitor is always tracked when it is mentioned in an email from a potential customer regarding an opportunity-How can this be achieved using the fewest steps?
A. Instruct users to always manually associate the competitor when the Competitor Mentioned card is shown by the Relationship Assistant.
B. Configure the Relationship Assistant, and check the Card Option for the Competitor Mentioned card to perform the associated action automatically instead of displaying the card.
C. In the configuration for Auto Capture, enable the option to track competitors automatically when mentioned in emails regarding an opportunity.
D. Create a workflow to scan emails for competitor names, and associate the mentioned competitor to the opportunity.
Correct Answer: A

You are using Opportunities and Quotes to manage your sales process in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
A customer requests quotes tor the same set of products, but from two different price lists for comparison.
What should you do in order to respond to this customer’s request?
A. Create two Opportunities with different price lists. Then create one Quote from each of the Opportunities.
B. Create one Opportunity with one Quote. Then, have the customer review the quote Before creating another.
C. Create one Opportunity with one Quote. Then, revise the Quote and add the other price list to the QuoteD. Create two Quotes from the same Opportunity. Then, switch the price list on one of the Quotes.
Correct Answer: B

You are working with a company to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their sales division.
The sales manager wants all sales people to have the ability to be alerted when a recipient opens an email that was sent to them.
Which component of Microsoft Dynamics 365 should you use to manage this ability?
A. Email Engagement
B. Auto Capture
C. Relationship Assistant
D. Folder Level Tracking
Correct Answer: A

You are a sales professional for a medium-sized firm.
You are entering information into Microsoft Dynamics you organized at a trade show.
What type of record should you create for each card?
A. Prospect
B. Lead
C. Account
D. Opportunity
Correct Answer: D

You are working with the default Opportunity form In Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Your sales manager has asked all sales staff to maintain best practices when managing sales and to enter as much information as possible. You need to be able to add additional records and activities to the Opportunity without leaving the form.
What are two types of records you can add from within the Opportunity form? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Invoices
B. Credit Notes / Adjustment Notes
C. Stakeholders
D. Products
Correct Answer: AC

You are The technical support specialist for a company that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365.
A new user calls the help desk complaining that every time they try to create a record, they are being denied the ability to The user states that some type of error is displayed as well.
What would cause this error?
A. The user cannot create records using the Outlook client
B. The user failed to populate at (east one required field.
C. The user is using Dynamics 365 Business Edition father than Enterprise Edition.
D. The user cannot input more than 250 characters into a single line of text field.
Correct Answer: A

You are a new sales executive for a company that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You have begun tracking your activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365. You have completed the activities for one of your customers. MB2-717 dumps
How will the activity state of the designated tasks be modified to reflect the fulfillment of these
A. You must manually change the activity state to Canceled.
B. The activity state will update automatically when the associated opportunity is won.
C. The activity state will update automatically when the associated sale order is complete.
D. You must manually change the activity state to Completed.
Correct Answer: A

You are a sales support specialist for a company that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You are going through the many records of their current database and inputting this data into Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Which instance below would be created as an Opportunity record in Microsoft Dynamics 365?
A. a person who calls into the company after receiving a mass mailing advertisement from your company
B. a person who has prequalified for a mortgage and wants to utilize a real estate agent to look at property
C. a person who signs a contract to purchase three cases of your product on a quarterly basis for 2 years r
D. a list of people supplied by a marketing research firm that matches your target market
Correct Answer: D

You are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales.
Your marketing department has given you a number of illustrated documents that explain how your product is superior to various competitors.
You have been tasked with adding this material to Dynamics 365 so the salespeople can use and email the material to their prospects, all from within Dynamics 365.
How should you complete this task?
A. Add the documents to SharePoint and set up the SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365.
B. Add the documents as sales literature, and associate them with the right competitors.
C. Add the documents as Email Templates associated with the opportunity entity.
D. Add the documents as attachments in the notes section for each competitor.
Correct Answer: B

You are a technical support specialist for your company.
The Company’s sales staff are issued a company laptop to use when interfacing with Microsoft Dynamics 365. They need to integrate their smart phones with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well. Many of their phones, however, do not have a supported web browser.
What should you suggest to meet this sales staffs need?
A. Advise them to run the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web app on their phones.
B. Advise them to use the web client to access Microsoft Dynamics 365 from their phones.
C. Advise them to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App from the Office 365 Admin portal.
D. Advise them to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App from their phone’s store.
Correct Answer: D

You are working for a company that is in the process of trying to secure a large contract
As you work with this sales opportunity, you need to manage all the various people involved in the sale, both from the customer and external stakeholder point of view.
You need visibility on the Opportunity record to do this.
Which type of functionality can you use in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate visibility of those involved?
A. Stakeholders
B. Business Process Flows
C. Contact Preferences
D. Chats
Correct Answer: D

You are a project manager in charge of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a sales organization. You are creating a product catalog.
You have created a number of products, yet sales people are complaining that they cannot add these products to any invoices.
What must be done so that the sales people can add these products to their invoices?
A. The products must first be added to an opportunity.
B. The products must first be activated.
C. The products must be placed into draft status.
D. The products must first be included in a quote.
Correct Answer: A

An opportunity to partner with one of your competitors on a large project has come up, but you are unable to select the competitor as a customer on the opportunity.
Which two record types can you assign to the competitor to enable you to se4ect them as a customer? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Lead
B. Contact
C. Account
D. Prospect
Correct Answer: CD

You notice that all of your current customers are stored m Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Account records.
You need to create records for other organizations you work with to support your customers. These organizations represent vendors, partners, and distributors.
What record type should you use for these organizations?
A. Account
B. Prospect
C. Organization
D. Company
Correct Answer: A

You are a sales manager who has a large sates team.
You want to track when you lose sales to your competitors.
Which activity allows you to track your competitors in relationship to a lost opportunity?
A. Resolution activities
B. Phone activities
C. Task activities
D. Email activities
Correct Answer: B

An organization uses goals in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track sales via opportunities on existing customers.
Customers are grouped into “standard” and “VIP” categories. You need to create goals that only calculate sales on each account flagged as a “VIP” customer. MB2-717 dumps
Which approach should you take?
A. Create a rollup query on the account entity, and add a query that only includes accounts flagged as VIP.
B. Create a rollup query on the opportunity, and add a query that only includes opportunities related to accounts flagged as VIP.
C. Create a goal metric and specify it to only calculate revenue from accounts flagged as VIP.
D. Create a rollup field, and set it to only include opportunities related to active accounts flagged as VIP.
Correct Answer: C

You are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track competitors.
A user has closed an opportunity as lost but the user forgot to add the correct competitor in the process.
How should you instruct the user to ensure the correct competitor is tracked?
A. Ask the user to open the opportunity, close record associated with the opportunity, and add the competitor.
B. Ask the user to reopen the opportunity, and add the competitor association directly to the opportunity.
C. Ask the user to reopen the opportunity, repeat the close process, and add the competitor during this process.
D. Ask the user to change the competitor association on the opportunity record.
Correct Answer: A

You are a sales executive for a sates organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365. You are doing a global search for the name of a contact that you have not communicated with in over a year. You are using a partial value search, but the global search is unable to find the contact record.
What is a reason that would prevent global search from finding the record?
A. Only an administrator can implement global searches.
B. The record for this contact is currently deactivated.
C. You cannot use partial values in a global search.
D. Global search only searches account and opportunity records.
Correct Answer: B

You receive an email from a person who was referred to your organization by a third party.
You track the email and create a Lead for the prospect After a few emails exchanged between you and the prospect you realize that the service they are want is not a service your company offers.
How do you capture this information in Microsoft Dynamics 365?
A. Disqualify the Lead.
B. Close the Lead as Lost.
C. Untrack the emails exchanged with the prospect
D. Qualify the Lead. Close the Opportunity as Lost.
Correct Answer: C

One of your custom has sent you an email requesting an invoke for products you have sold and delivered to them. You are getting ready to send the invoice.
You need to quickly the ne?step to be completed in the sa.es process regards this customer in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Where should you look to see the status of the transaction?
A. Opportunity
B. Quote
C. Invoice
D. Order
Correct Answer: C

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