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Cisco CCDP 300-101 dumps – 300-101 Practice Test Questions and Answers

  • CCDP, Cisco
  • June 13, 2019
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300-101 question

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300-101 ROUTE – Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/route2.html

Free test Cisco CCDP 300-101 Exam Questions and Answers

A. Firewall Port block UDP 520
B. Firewall Port block TCP 520
C. Firewall Port block UDP 502
D. Firewall Port block TCP 502
Correct Answer: A


True statement about conditional debugging
A. limited to Ethernet, serial, and multilink interfaces
B. generates debug messages only for packets entering the router
C. limit the output to a specific interface
D. support only one condition at a time
Correct Answer: C


Which command creates a manual summary on an interface when using EIGRP?
A. ip summary-address 100 255.255 254.0
B. ip summary-address eigrp 100
C. summary-address eigrp 100
D. area 100 range
Correct Answer: B


A router receives a routing advertisement for from an EIGRP peer and from an OSPF peer, Which route
does the router install in the routing table, and for which reason?
A. the OSPF route, because the administrative distance is lower
B. the EIGRP route, because the metric is lower
C. the OSPF route, because the metric is lower
D. the EIGRP route, because the administrative distance is lower
Correct Answer: D


What is the viable successor of NAT_PT?
A. NAT64
B. IPv6
C. NATv6
Correct Answer: A


Which address is an IPv6 multicast Address?
A. 2002 0 :0: 0 :0 :0 :0: 2
B. 00020 0 :0:0: 0:0:2
C. FF02.0.:0 :0 :0:0 :0 :2
D. FE02 0:0 :0 :0 :0:0:2
Correct Answer: C


Which feature filters information at the interface level?
A. prefix-list
B. Syslog
C. conditional debugging
D. local logging
Correct Answer: D


Which interface type does a PPPoE client use to establish a session?
A. Physical
B. loopback
C. visual-template
D. dialer
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements about Frame Relay LMI Autosense are true on a Router? (Choose Two)
A. It requires the LMI type to be explicitly configured.
B. It operates on Frame Relay DTE interfaces.
C. It operates on Frame Relay DCE interfaces.
D. It operates when the line is up but the line protocol is down.
E. It requires the line protocol to be up.
Correct Answer: BD
LMI Autosense is automatically enabled in the following situations:
The router is powered up or the interface changes state to up
The line protocol is down but the line is up
The interface is a Frame Relay DTE
The LMI type is not explicitly configured on the interface


Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 300-101 exam question q10

% Interface GigabitEthernet1 IPv4 disabled and address(es) removed due to enabling VRF CUST_A an engineer is
enabling VPN services for a customer and noticed the output when placing the customer-facing interfaces into a VRF
which action connects the issue?
A. Reset interface Gigabite Ethernet 1.
B. Disable the VRF CUST_A
C. REconfigure the IP address on Gigabite Ethernet 1.
D. Enabling IPv6 on the interface
Correct Answer: C


Select and Place:lead4pass 300-101 exam question q11

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 300-101 exam question q11-1


Refer to the exhibit, In the network diagram, Area 1 is defined as a stub area. Because redistribution is not allowed in
the stub area, EIGRP routes cannot be propagated into the OSPF domain. How does defining area 1 as a not-so-stubby
area (NSSA) makes it possible to inject EIGRP routes into the OSPF NSSA domain?lead4pass 300-101 exam question q12

A. by creating type 5 LSAs
B. by creating type 7 LSAs
C. by creating a link between the EIGRP domain and the RIP domain, and redistributing EIGRP into RIP
D. by manually changing the routing metric of EIGRP so that it matches the routing metric of OSPF
Correct Answer: B


What does stateful NAT64 do that stateless NAT64 does not do?
A. Stateful NOT64 maintains bindings of IPv4 to IPv6 link-local addresses.
B. Stateful NAT64 translates IPv4 to IPv6.
C. Stateful NAT64 translates IPv6 to IPv4.
D. Stateful NAT64 maintains bindings or session state while performing translation.
Correct Answer: D

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