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Cisco CSM 820-605 Exam Materials Latest Update

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Number of exam questionsExam nameFromRelease time
13Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM)Lead4PassOct 12, 2022

Which scenario represents a use case expansion opportunity?

A. usage KPIs are on target entering the fourth quarter

B. supplementary training sessions are organized on existing features

C. solution management team adds headcount

D. endpoint security solution extended to cover data center servers in addition to laptops

Correct Answer: D


Which tool is used by a Customer Success Manager to establish cross-functional alignment, ensure efficient execution and communication across a project team, and facilitate stakeholder management?


B. Stakeholder Map


D. Health Index Report

Correct Answer: C


A Customer Success Manager must deliver a high-touch customer success experience.

Which customer engagement model must be used?

A. Utilize a digital engagement so all your customers experience the touch of customer success

B. Utilize people to focus on the elite customers for a 1:1 or 1:few onsite customer success experience

C. Utilize the service team to form a larger internal team to lead the engagement

D. Utilize people to focus your customers in a 1:many customer success experience

Correct Answer: B


Which item should the Customer Success Manager focus on to enable the adoption of a software solution?

A. KPI that will be improved by the new product solution

B. current existing products that are being displaced by the solution

C. current configuration guide of the product solution

D. product use case that will achieve the desired outcome

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://sixteenventures.com/improve-adoption


The executive team decided to purchase 500 licenses to reduce costs and replace the existing solution, which has been in place for the last 10 years.

The end-users were not consulted. Three months into the project, reports show the consumption analytics indicate a high usage of the old system and only 75 licenses active in the new software.

Which two adoption barriers must be investigated? (Choose two)

A. limited telemetry

B. purchase policy process

C. lack of common features

D. lack of communication

E. business misalignment

Correct Answer: BD


A customer purchased 500 licenses for its cloud-based collaboration solution. During a customer meeting, they complain to the Customer Success Manager that they cannot verify who and how the licenses are being used.

Which two types of adoption barriers are occurring? (Choose two.)

A. process

B. people

C. tools

D. platform

E. application

Correct Answer: AB


A customer\’s call center unexpectedly moved from in-person to remote operations and discovered that agents could no longer record their calls.

The customer escalates this problem to their Customer Success Manager and requests a resolution. The Customer Success Manager recognizes that the customer is using collaboration products with outdated software.

What is the first step of the mitigation plan?

A. Evaluate the availability of resources to work on the problem.

B. Engage a specialist to identify a technical solution or workaround.

C. Conduct an assessment of the business impact of the problem.

D. Establish a timeline of when a solution must be in place.

Correct Answer: A


What is a barrier to adopting software tools?

A. limited resources

B. recurring cost

C. commercial decision

D. organization size

Correct Answer: A


What is a technical adoption barrier?

A. lack of integration with other products

B. underutilization of licenses

C. untrained customer user group

D. customer not measuring product value

Correct Answer: A


Which two actions are in the adoption campaign? (Choose two.)

A. messaging to users on best practice approaches to their solution

B. messaging to stakeholders on new product releases

C. messaging stakeholders on the new features of their solution

D. survey sent to all end users

E. renewal reminder to stakeholders

Correct Answer: BC

Reference: https://support.totango.com/hc/en-us/articles/206811036-Putting-Customer-Success-Campaigns- Into-Action


A customer has finalized all of their solution planning and will be deploying it over the next two weeks. As the Customer Success Manager, what is the next logical step to focus on for the customer\’s lifecycle journey?

A. Quarterly Success Review build and delivery

B. service introduction to confirm that they know how to submit service issues at the go-live

C. initial user group identified and their use cases confirmed

D. customer\’s stakeholders and their business outcomes

E. additional features that will align with the business outcomes

Correct Answer: B


What is a business adoption barrier?

A. solution is not implemented

B. customer lacks technical knowledge

C. services are unpurchased

D. lack of customer stakeholder

Correct Answer: B


Which Customer Success activity is critical from the supplier perspective?

A. identifying opportunities for sales expansion

B. driving full adoption of the company\’s technology across all supported solutions

C. ensuring the customer has a success plan and is achieving each milestone in a timely manner

D. listening carefully to the customer\’s feedback and taking action so the company\’s solutions can be improved

Correct Answer: C

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