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DES-6322 dumps [2022] Passed Specialist – Implementation Engineer-VxRail Exam

des-6322 exam

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An implementation engineer is deploying a new VxRail cluster. What should they confirm before installing the hardware?

A. Service laptop must be on the same IP network as the iDRACs
B. At least 36 in (92 cm) clearance exists in front of and behind the cabinet
C. Power distribution must support the power rating of a single node
D. Single power zone must be used with adequate power cables


What is validated by running the Proactive VM Creation test in vCenter on a VxRail cluster?

A. vSAN operates successfully
B. Network firewalls are configured correctly
C. vSAN has sufficient storage capacity
D. Network performance is sufficient


How does an implementer get a local VxRail Configuration XML file so they can generate an As-Built Configuration Report?

A. SSH to the VxRail Manager VM with the mystic user SU to root Go to the /opt/VxRail/config directory SCP the initial- config.json file to a local location

B. Log in to vCenter with the vSphere Client with the vCenter Administration user Go to Configure > VxRail > System Use the Product Documentation option

C. Open an FTP connection to the VxRail Manager VM with the mystic user Go to the /var/lib/VMware-Marvin directory GET the config-initial.json file

D. Log in to vCenter with the vSphere Client with the vCenter Server Management user Go to Monitor > VxRail > Last Configuration Data Sent Use the Download option


A company has recently implemented a popular date center monitoring and reporting software solution. They plan to use the solution to consolidate reporting into a single platform. What is an expected benefit of programmatically gathering VxRail information?

A. Perform node shutdowns and specific operations
B. Perform pre-checks for vSAN health
C. Automate iDRAC firmware management and status
D. Obtain status of all running operations on a cluster


What is the maximum number of supported nodes in a VxRail Stretch Cluster?

A. 16
B. 30
C. 32
D. 64


What is a consideration when performing a VxRail software upgrade from version 4.7.xxx to version 7.0.xxx?

A. External vCenter server must be upgraded after the VxRail is upgraded
B. vCenter Server requires a temporary IP address on a different subnet before the upgrade
C. Secure boot must be enabled on the ESXi hosts for a successful upgrade
D. VxRail Manager VM must be changed to the default name to avoid an upgrade failure


Which vSAN feature requires an All-Flash cluster?

A. Deduplication and compression
B. Data-at-Rest Encryption
C. Data-in-Transit Encryption
D. Storage Policy Based Management


Match each VxRail API request with the information to be retrieved.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


What is a consideration when implementing a custom VDS on a VxRail cluster?

A. Used by multiple clusters managed by a single vCenter instance
B. Supported with external and internal vCenter Servers
C. Supports only four NIC uplinks
D. Supports only two NIC uplinks


What guideline should be followed when planning bandwidth between sites hosting VM objects and the witness nodes?

A. 1500 MTU on the VSAN vmkernel interface
B. 5 ms with a recommended minimum bandwidth of 10Gbps
C. 2 Mbps for every 1000 objects on the vSAN
D. 500 ms roundtrip (


An implementation engineer is tasked with setting up RecoverPoint for VMs on a single G Series chassis. How many VMs are licensed to be protected on the cluster?

B. 10
C. 15
D. 20


What is a valid 2-node VxRail cluster configuration?

A. 2x 10 GbE and 2x 25 GbE in a switch configuration and external vCenter
B. 2x 1 GbE and 2x 10 GbE in a direct-connect configuration and external vCenter
C. 2x 1 GbE and 2x 10 GbE in a switch configuration and internal vCenter
D. 2x 10 GbE and 2x 25 GbE in a direct-connect configuration and internal vCenter


A company needs to enable vSphere GPU capabilities on their VxRail cluster. To do so, they need to purchase a specific entitlement. What licensing satisfies this requirement?

A. vSphere Enterprise Plus
B. vSAN Enterprise Plus Edition
C. vSAN Advanced Edition
D. vSphere Standard


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