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DES-6332 Dumps [2022] DES-6332 Specialist – Systems Administrator – VxRail Appliance exam made easier

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The questions for DES-6332 were last updated on April 16, 2022.

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What VxRail management features does iDRAC include?

A. Remote console, securing connectivity, and upgrade prechecks
B. Automated lifecycle management, remote console, and collecting support logs
C. Remote console, power management, and firmware updates
D. Firmware updates, upgrade post checks, and automated lifecycle management

Correct Answer: D


What is the correct order of steps to create a VM for a new project using vSAN and VxRail?
Select and Place:

des-6332 q2

Correct Answer:


What is the VxRail API Base URL?

A. https://(VxRail_Manager_FQDN)/restful/api/vxm/
B. https://(VxRail_Manager_FQDN)/rest/api/vxm/
C. https://(VxRail_Manager_FQDN)/restful/vxm/
D. https://(VxRail_Manager_FODN)/rest/vxm/

Correct Answer: D


What is a supported feature when using vSAN HCI Mesh?

A. Storage vMotion
B. 2-node vSAN clusters
C. vSAN file services
D. Data in Transit Encryption

Correct Answer: A


A VxRail administrator has been informed by Dell EMC that an Internet software upgrade is available for their VxRail cluster. The administrator logs into VxRail Manager. VxRail Manager shows only the Local Upgrade option and not the Internet Upgrade option.
What is a possible reason?

A. The VxRail Manager user has insufficient privileges
B. Workstation accessing VxRail Manager does not have Internet connectivity
C. Secure Remote Services has not been enabled
D. VxRail Manager VM does not have Internet connectivity

Correct Answer: D


The vSphere Client is showing several failures on node 3. Support recommends opening an SSH session to troubleshoot. The connection fails to establish.
Which path should be used to enable SSH on the host from the vSphere Client?

A. Host > Monitor > Services > Enable SSH
B. Cluster > Configure > VxRail > Hosts > Enable SSH
C. Host > Configure > System > Services
D. Cluster > Monitor > VxRail > Hosts > Services

Correct Answer: A


Which resource should an administrator use when beginning a VxRail cluster design?

A. VxRail Quick Reference List
B. VxRail Administrator Guide
C. VMware documentation
D. VxRail Network Planning Guide

Correct Answer: C


As a VxRail administrator, you discover that one of the nodes in your cluster has a hardware issue. Dell EMC support will be arriving to replace the node. You have a vCenter Standard license on this vCenter.

You need to place the node into maintenance mode and migrate the data prior to replacement. Which migration option should you use?

A. DRS will automatically handle the migration
B. Ensure data accessibility from other hosts
C. Evacuate all data to other hosts
D. No data evacuation

Correct Answer: C


In the vSphere Client, where is VxRail Health Monitoring enabled?

A. Menu > VxRail
B. Menu > Administration
C. Cluster > Configure > VxRail
D. Cluster > Monitor > VxRail

Correct Answer: C


A VxRail administrator is trying to run a Storage Performance Test for vSAN. However, they do not see that option in vCenter.
What could be the reason?

A. vSphere version is 6.5.0 EP04
B. vSphere version is 6.5.0 U1
C. VxRail Manager version is 4.5.211
D. VxRail Manager version is 4.5.101

Correct Answer: D


A VxRail system administrator has been tasked to add the support account to all of the 50 VxRail clusters. The administrator is using API calls but is receiving 403 error codes.
What is the likely issue?

A. Username/password is not recognized
B. User account does not have sufficient privileges
C. Support account credentials provided are not valid
D. Call has failed with internal errors

Correct Answer: B


Which tool is used to deploy VxRail?

A. vRealize Operations Manager
B. vCenter Server
C. VxRail Manager
D. Mobile Build Server

Correct Answer: C


What is true about Multitrack VxRail cluster expansion?

A. All VxRail networks are routable by default
B. VxRail nodes in the same cluster within a rack can be on different subnets
C. VxRail cluster can be expanded up to a maximum of 4 racks
D. VxRail System VMs run on the nodes in the first rack

Correct Answer: D


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