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PenTest+ (Plus) Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications: https://www.comptia.org/certifications/pentest

The CompTIA PenTest+ certification verifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to plan and scope an assessment, understand legal and compliance requirements, perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, analyze data, and effectively report and communicate results.

Latest updates CompTIA pt0-001 exam practice questions

A penetration tester reviews the scan results of a web application. Which of the following vulnerabilities is MOST critical
and should be prioritized for exploitation?
A. Stored XSS
B. Fill path disclosure
C. Expired certificate
D. Clickjacking
Correct Answer: A
References https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Top_10_2010-A2-Cross-Site_Scripting_(XSS)

A financial institution is asking a penetration tester to determine if collusion capabilities to produce wire fraud are
present. Which of the following threat actors should the penetration tester portray during the assessment?
A. Insider threat
B. Nation-state
C. Script kiddie
D. Cybercrime organization.
Correct Answer: A

A client is asking a penetration tester to evaluate a new web application for availability. Which of the following types of
attacks should the tester use?
A. TCP SYN flood
B. SQL injection
D. XMAS scan
Correct Answer: A


A penetration tester is performing ARP spoofing against a switch. Which of the following should the penetration tester
spoof to get the MOST information?
A. MAC address of the client
B. MAC address of the domain controller
C. MAC address of the webserver
D. MAC address of the gateway
Correct Answer: D

A penetration tester is checking a script to determine why some basic persisting. The expected result was the program
outputting “True.”

lead4pass pt0-001 exam questions q5

Given the output from the console above, which of the following explains how to correct the errors in the script? (Select
A. Change fi\\’ to \\’Endlf
B. Remove the \\’let\\’ in front of \\’dest=5+5\\’.
C. Change the \\’=” to \\’-eq\\’.
D. Change -Source* and \\’dest\\’ to “Ssource” and “Sdest”
E. Change \\’else\\’ to \\’elif.
Correct Answer: BC


Given the following Python script: Which of the following actions will it perform?

lead4pass pt0-001 exam questions q6

A. ARP spoofing
B. Port scanner
C. Reverse shell
D. Banner grabbing
Correct Answer: D

After successfully capturing administrator credentials to a remote Windows machine, a penetration tester attempts to
access the system using PSExec but is denied permission. Which of the following shares must be accessible for a
successful PSExec connection?
A. IPCS and C$
B. C$ and ADMINS
Correct Answer: B

A security analyst was provided with a detailed penetration report, which was performed against the organization\\’s
DMZ environment. It was noted in the report that a finding has a CVSS base score of 10.0. Which of the following
levels of difficulty would be required to exploit this vulnerability?
A. Very difficult; perimeter systems are usually behind a firewall.
B. Somewhat difficult; would require significant processing power to exploit.
C. Trivial; little effort is required to exploit this finding.
D. Impossible; external hosts are hardened to protect against attacks.
Correct Answer: C

Reference https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln-metrics/cvss

The following command is run on a Linux file system:
Chmod 4111 /usr/bin/sudo
Which of the following issues may be exploited now?
A. Kernel vulnerabilities
B. Sticky bits
C. Unquoted service path
D. Misconfigured sudo
Correct Answer: B

A security assessor completed a comprehensive penetration test of a company and its networks and systems.
During the assessment, the tester identified a vulnerability in the crypto library used for TLS on the company\\’s intranet wide payroll web application. However, the vulnerability has not yet been patched by the vendor, although a patch is
expected within days. Which of the following strategies would BEST mitigate the risk of impact?
A. Modify the webserver crypto configuration to use a stronger cipher-suite for encryption, hashing, and digital signing.
B. Implement new training to be aware of the risks in accessing the application. This training can be decommissioned
after the vulnerability is patched.
C. Implement an ACL to restrict access to the application exclusively to the finance department. Reopen the application
to company staff, after the vulnerability is patched.
D. Require payroll users to change the passwords used to authenticate to the application. Following the patching of the
vulnerability, implement another required password change.
Correct Answer: C

A penetration tester is performing a black box assessment on a web-based banking application. The tester was only
provided with a URL to the login page. Give the below code and output
Import requests
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup

request = requests.get (“https://www.bank.com/admin”)
respHeaders, respBody = request[0]. Request[1]
if respHeader.statuscode == 200:
soup = BeautifulSoup (respBody)
soup = soup.FindAll (“div”, (“type” : “hidden”))
print respHeader. StatusCode, StatusMessage
print respHeader. StatusCode, StatusMessage
Output: 200 OK
Which of the following is the tester intending to do?

A. Horizontally escalate privileges
B. Scrape the page for hidden fields
C. Analyze HTTP respond code
D. Search for HTTP headers
Correct Answer: B

A penetration tester successfully exploits a Windows host and dumps the hashes Which of the following hashes can the
Does penetration tester use to perform a pass-the-hash attack?

lead4pass pt0-001 exam questions q12

Correct Answer: D

After a recent penetration test, a company has a finding regarding the use of a dictionary and seasonal passwords by its
employees. Which of the following is the BEST control to remediate the use of common dictionary terms?
A. Expand the password length from seven to 14 characters
B. Implement password history restrictions
C. Configure password filters
D. Disable the accounts after five incorrect attempts
E. Decrease the password expiration window
Correct Answer: C

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