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New Dell Exam des-1241 updated and shared online

The first update of Dell des-1241 in 2022 starts here. I will share some of the newly updated Dell des-1241 free exam questions to help you study easily, and you can take online practice tests.
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Dell des-1241 Free Dumps Online Exam Test

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Which Dell EMC PowerStore model reserves the last two slots of the base enclosure for NVMe NVRAM?

A. 3000
B. 5000
C. 7000
D. 9000

Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/en-us/collaterals/unauth/white-papers/products/storage/h18241-dell-emcpowerstore-best-practices-guide.pdf (9)



What guidance must to be considered for Service LAN port access of a Dell EMC PowerStore appliance?

A. Always connect multiple appliances to the same hub or switch
B. Never connect multiple appliances to the same hub or switch
C. Never connect the Service laptop directly to the appliance Service LAN port
D. Always removed the management port connections on the appliance

Reference: https://www.dell.com/support/article/en-pk/sln321624/powerstore-ssh-and-powerstore-manager-accessusing-the-service-lan-ports?lang=en



What does the output of the command “svc_diag list –basic” show?

A. Failover status
B. Master_appliance_ID
C. License status
D. Boot mode



des-1241 q4

Refer to the exhibit.
What type of cable is used for the ToR switch configuration shown for the S5248F-ON switches?

A. 10 GigE Cat 6 Ethernet RJ-45
B. 25 GigE Twinax
C. 100 GigE QSFP28
D. 10 GigE SFP optical cable

Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/resources/en-us/asset/technical-guides-support-information/solutions/h18242-read-y-stack-powerstore-dg.pdf?dgc=SMandcid=170850andlid=spr3492306896andlinkId=93885839



What method is used to power down a Dell EMC PowerStore system in a true emergency situation?

A. Run svc_node shutdown
B. Power Down Cluster in PowerStore GUI
C. Turn off the cabinet switches
D. Remove base enclosure power cables

Reference: https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/pk/en/pkbsd1/powerstore-1000/pwrstr-isg/power-control-procedureconsiderations?guid=guid-4352c94e-0ae7-4a2e-8593-9ae135bb9e34andlang=en-us


What is a step in configuring the ToR data switches for a Dell EMC PowerStore X?

A. Configure a port for the discovery laptop
B. Create VLANs for NAS servers
C. Create node A port-channel
D. Configure LACP uplink to management switch

Reference: https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/pk/en/pkbsd1/powerstore-9000t/pwrstr-ntwk-cfg/configure-port-interfaces-for-powerstore-x-model-node-connectivity?guid=guid-ef6b40ef-82a3-4ebf-99bf-a7bea8d6a586andlang=en-us



Under which condition does the Dell EMC PowerStore equipment in the rack require additional stability?

A. Low temperatures
B. Unstable humidity
C. Unstable environments
D. High temperatures



What describes Dell EMC PowerStore X power down?

A. PowerStore X node, appliance, or cluster power down is done entirely with vCenter server commands
B. Powering down a PowerStore X node, appliance, or cluster is done in the same manner as a PowerStore T
C. PowerStore X node, appliance, or cluster power down utilizes the VSi plugin to perform the needed vCenter server
D. Powering down a PowerStore X node, appliance, or cluster requires additional vCenter server commands



While on-site installing a Dell EMC PowerStore T system, the node A embedded module management Ethernet port link LED is off. What does this indicate?

A. Network connection is established
B. No network connection is established
C. Port speed is 1 GB/s
D. Port speed is 10 GB/s

Reference: https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/pk/en/pkbsd1/powerstore-9000t/pwrstr-isg/embedded-moduleleds?guid=guid-bc07892c-75cf-43b6-8f17-8a4c49001aebandlang=en-us



Match the correct non-disruptive upgrade process step (answer column) with the correct sub-step (match column).
Select and Place:

des-1241 q10

Correct Answer:

des-1241 q10-1



What does the command “svc_journalctl | grep `Mar 25 23:00\\'” do?

A. Ignores log messages from the specified date
B. Retrieves log messages from the specified date
C. Deletes all logs before the specified date
D. Rotates the log based on the specified date



How many fan module failures can a node tolerate?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/en-us/collaterals/unauth/white-papers/products/storage/h18149-dell-emcpowerstore-platform-introduction.pdf (14)

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