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New DES-1121 Dumps [2022] for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Version 1.0 exam

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The questions for DES-1121 were last updated on April 22, 2022.

Viewing questions 1-13 out of 69 questions:


An array has reached its capacity m the Storage Resource Pool (SRP). What is the function of the SRP Reserved Capacity?

A. Accommodate new host writes
B. Accommodate SRDF/A delta sets
C. Provide space for snapshot deltas
D. Provide space for snapshot copies

Correct Answer: B


In PowerMax VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 which thin provisioning component can be changed with SYMCLI or Unisphere?

A. Storage Resource Pool
B. Disk Group
C. Storage Group
D. Virtual Provisioning Pool

Correct Answer: A


A systems administrator asks whether their host is supported for non-disruptive migration (NDM) between PowerMax arrays. The host they plan to migrate to has one HBA and no multipathing software. What information should be provided to the administrator?

A. Install Solutions Enabler on the host
B. NDM is supported by the host
C. Upgrade to the latest host HBA driver version
D. NDM is not supported by the host

Correct Answer: A



A non-production environment has been created with a VMFS Datastore named TestDS and a virtual machine named TestVM. SRDF/S has been configured between two PowerMax arrays One ESXi server is connected to the R1 device and another is connected to the R2 device. The VMFS Datastore resides on the R1 device. The systems administrator wants to test the environment for disaster recovery readiness To simulate a disaster on the R1 side a graceful failover will be done. What is the correct sequence of steps on the R1 side of the test environment to perform a graceful failover?
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


When setting the TimeFinder SnapVX time-to-live with the symsnapvx command and the – delta 2 4 parameter, what does the delta parameter specify?

A. Minutes
B. Hours
C. Days
D. Weeks

Correct Answer: C


When creating SRDP groups, what is always identical on both the participating arrays?

A. Port speed
B. Name of the SRDF group
C. SRDF group number
D. SRDF Directors

Correct Answer: C


What is the status of the Host I/O paths to the target array after a Non-Disruptive Migration Cutover?

A. Read/Write Enabled
B. Write Disabled
C. Dead
D. Inactive

Correct Answer: A


A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot of a Storage Group was created with a time to live setting of seven days Fourteen days after snapshot creation a query shows that the snapshot still exists. What is a possible reason for this issue?

A. Snapshot has one or more linked targets
B. Snapshot was created in NoCopy mode
C. Snapshot was not manually terminated
D. Reserved Capacity limit was exceeded

Correct Answer: A


What takes place during an SRDF Establish operation?

A. Changes made to the R1 are propagated to the R2. Changes made to the R2 are discarded
B. Enables access to both the R1 and R2 devices on the hosts
C. Changes made to the R2 are propagated to the R1 Changes made to the R1 are discarded.
D. Resumes normal SRDF mirroring and host access

Correct Answer: B


Which Unisphere for PowerMax client connection authentication type is irrevocable once it is selected?

B. Multi-factor Authentication
C. x.509 Common/Principal Name
D. Windows AD Domain-based

Correct Answer: A


Which Open Replicator device type resides on the array running Open Replicator?

A. Donor
B. Local
C. Control
D. Remote

Correct Answer: C


Production work has been started on the R2 devices after a 5RDF Failover operation. Where will the changes be made to the R2 devices reflected in the SRDF Query output shown in the exhibit?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Correct Answer: A


A systems administrator is performing a configuration change on a PowerMax array. Where does the configuration manager perform the change?

A. Host which performs the change
C. Disk drives

Correct Answer: B


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