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Real Associate – Data Protection and Management Version 2 DEA-3TT2 Dumps With Actual Q&As

DEA-3TT2 Associate – Data Protection and Management Version 2 is the exam for EMC DCA-DPM 2022 certification. While preparing for the EMC DEA-3TT2 exam, candidates can choose real DEA-3TT2 dumps of Lead4Pass to learn all the actual DEA-3TT2 exam questions, and try to understand the answers clearly. Arrange your preparation well with DEA-3TT2 dumps questions and answers and get one of the most efficient skills. Lead4Pass DEA-3TT2 exam dumps can help you to obtain excellent remarks inside your
EMC DCA-DPM 2022 certification exam.

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What is true of hot-swappable hardware?

A. All components need to be rearranged after the swap
B. Reboot is required after a change
C. All fans need to be running to ensure proper cooling
D. Replaceable with zero downtime

Correct Answer: D


Which model does MapReduce utilize?

A. Batch processing
B. Backup
C. Geographic mapping
D. Redundancy

Correct Answer: A


A storage system is configured with erasure coding, divided up into 12 data segments and 4 coding segments. Each segment is written to different drives. What is the maximum number of drive failures that can be withstood without losing the data in this configuration?

A. 6
B. 4
C. 3
D. 5

Correct Answer: B


What is the benefit of synchronous remote replication?

A. provides near-zero recovery point objective
B. requires less storage space for the target than the source volume
C. allows restoring source volume to any previous point in time
D. allows more storage space for the target than the source volume

Correct Answer: C


Which type of file system can be mounted on multiple computing systems running a hypervisor to access the same file system simultaneously?

A. Memory state file system
B. Clustered file system
C. Configuration file system
D. Virtual disk file system

Correct Answer: B


What assurance does the content authenticity feature of CAS provide?

A. Storing only one instance of content
B. Stored content is protected against erasure
C. Validity of stored content
D. There are always multiple copies

Correct Answer: C


What is a hot backup?

A. application is up-and-running with users accessing their data during the backup process
B. backup is indexed from the last full backup
C. a full backup is synthesized
D. requires the application to be shut down during the backup process

Correct Answer: A


Which product allows data owners to back up and restore using native applications?

A. Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager
B. VMware vRealize Cloud Management
C. VMware vRealize Operations
D. Dell EMC Data Protection Advisor

Correct Answer: A



Match the types of cyber-attack with their respective description.
Select and Place:

emc dea-3tt2 questions 9

Correct Answer:

emc dea-3tt2 questions 9-1


What is the primary disadvantage of incremental backups?

A. time-consuming to restore
B. contain only the blocks that have changed since the previous backup
C. increased amount of data going across the network
D. can grow to contain a large amount of data

Correct Answer: A


Which type of virtual machine clone is created from a snapshot of a parent VM?

A. Mirrored Clone
B. Full Clone
C. Linked Clone
D. Snap Clone

Correct Answer: C


Which cloud service model allows the deployment of consumer-created applications on the provider\’s infrastructure?

A. Platform as a Service
B. Infrastructure as a Service
C. Disaster recovery as a Service D. Software as a Service

Correct Answer: A

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