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A Microsoft Windows user is about to initiate an on-demand backup from the client interface when the utility node fails
on their multi-node EMC Avamar grid. What must be done prior to initiating the backup to ensure the backup will
complete successfully?
A. Nothing. Backups are performed from the client to the storage nodes directly.
B. The utility node must be replaced and the configuration restored prior to starting the backup.
C. The spare node must be converted to a utility node and the configuration restored to it prior to starting the backup.
D. The client must be activated temporarily to the first storage node and then the backup can continue.
Correct Answer: A


A storage node in a multi-node EMC Avamar server has failed, and a full node replacement is being performed. What is
used to reconstruct the data on the replacement node?
C. Replication
D. Checkpoint
Correct Answer: B


Which level of data can be restored using EMC Avamar?
A. Directories only
B. Files only
C. Files, directories, and file systems
D. File systems only
Correct Answer: D


When a backup is initiated by the EMC Avamar client application, how is the retention determined?
A. End User On-Demand Retention policy
B. Retention policy of the default group
C. Retention policy of the clients group
D. Retention policy for the domain
Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

emc e20-598 exam questions q5

Which type of VMware backup configuration is shown?
A. Consolidated backup
B. Guest level backup
C. Image level backup with VADP
D. Console backup
Correct Answer: C


A company has decided to deploy the EMC Avamar software to guest machines in a VMware environment. What is the
difference between backing up a guest machine versus a physical machine?
A. No difference
B. Image level recovery only
C. Avamar cannot replicate the backup of the guest machine
D. Deduplication is not as efficient
Correct Answer: A


What would you run to determine if your EMC Avamar server is running in a steady state?
A. capacity.sh
B. status.dpn
C. dpnctl status
D. sched.sh
Correct Answer: A


Which functionality is only available with EMC Avamar selective replication?
A. Replication of selected clients
B. Replication of selected datasets of selected clients
C. Replication to selected destinations
D. Replication on selected days of the week
Correct Answer: A

When sizing a large file server on an EMC Avamar, how many bytes per file are added to the file cache?
A. 20
B. 24
C. 40
D. 44
Correct Answer: D
The most important thing to do on a client with so many files is to make sure that the file cache is sized appropriately.
The file cache is responsible for the vast majority (>90%) of the performance of the Avamar client. If there\\’s a file
miss, the client has to go and thrash your disk for a while chunking up a file that may already be on the server.
So how to tune the file cache size?
The file cache starts at 22MB in size and doubles in size each time it grows. Each file on a client will use 44 bytes of
space in the file cache (two SHA-1 hashes consuming 20 bytes each and 4 bytes of metadata). For 25 million files, the
will generate just over 1GB of cache data.


A storage administrator has successfully configured EMC Avamar to use Microsoft Windows Active Directory external
authentication. Which accounts and/or interfaces can be accessed by users set up to use this authentication?
A. Avamar Administrator, Enterprise Manager, and Web Access
B. MCUser, admin, and Enterprise Manager
C. Avamar Administrator, root, and dpn
D. MCUser, Web Access, and root
Correct Answer: A


What is the recommended replication method for moving all data and clients from a single node to a multi-node EMC
Avamar server?
A. Root-to-root replication
B. Root-to-REPLICATE replication
C. Selective replication
D. MCS/SQL Dump Export/Import
Correct Answer: A


A company recently deployed an EMC Avamar Gen4 server with Avamar 6.0 software to protect their data. The backup
administrator wants system state protection for their critical Microsoft Windows 2003 servers.
What is the recommended method?
A. HomeBase embedded feature
B. Windows Server Backup
C. NTBackup option
D. HomeBase embedded with HomeBase server
Correct Answer: A


A company has just deployed a VMware environment. The EMC Avamar storage administrator wants to ensure they
receive the highest level of deduplication within the environment for backups.
Which type of backup should be performed?
A. Guest
B. ESX console
D. vSphere Image
Correct Answer: A

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